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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Aleya Journey's June Newsletter

"Uniting the best of ancient wisdom and modern understanding."
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Welcome to the Aleya Journeys Family!

After 10 years of sharing my life with Peru; it's people, land and beautiful sacred traditions- I am launching the product of my years of learning, loving, communing and in service with the indigenous communities of the Andes and their sacred healing traditions. 

After 26 years of living in NYC after arriving as refugees from the newly independent country of Belarus, we have moved out of the concrete jungle and to the land of palms and sun- Florida. I am happily basing myself here in Palm Beach County for part of the year, and the rest of the year I am home in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley in Peru. 

I am grateful to my experience of creating and running a retreat center focusing on the sharing of conscious music and dance where Mantra met Icaros, where Yoga met Shamanism and where traditions danced together in beautiful harmony. It was a personal retreat center for returning home- to the center of our heart, with the majesty of the Andes supporting each step and breath. I am blessed to have met such amazingly beautiful people, who have taught me, loved me and supported the dream. Illa Wasi truly was the home of Sacred Light- and today, I bring my experience from there, to here.  

Today, I am focusing on sharing the traditions which have been passed down to me, that have come from Pre-Colombian time in Peru. I humbly and gratefully received my lineage of the Condor Medicine- the Path of the Heart which comes from the Mochica tribe.

We are living a time of the prophecy of the Condor and Eagle- the uniting of the South and the North of the Americas, the Heart and the Mind, the Moon and the Sun, the Feminine and Masculine. And this is my devoted path- in it's reunification and integration. Hence, Aleya Journey's mission is one of uniting the ancient wisdom with modern knowledge. The ancient needs us, and we need them. All we have discovered today is not to be left behind to return to the ways of the past- it is the integration of the best of both worlds. So that we build on a solid foundation and create the New Earth- one of harmony, unity and sustainability. One that is birthed in Ayni- the sacred Andean Law of Reciprocity- we first give to receive. 

There is so much I would like to share with you, dear ones. I have kept rather quiet in the past years (perhaps my entire life) as I was cultivating the Condor work and deep connection with the Apus (Mountain Spirits), the Sacred Plant Teachers and my work of emotional and trauma release. 

In the meantime I completed my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and Spirituality Studies at Columbia University in NY- leaving Academia for the first time in a long time where I served as the bridge of ancient traditional knowledge and modern Academia. 

Now it is time to share! I am still building the new website for Aleya Journeys, so please stay tuned. It will serve as a resource to find opportunities of truth and integrity to work with the indigenous communities, ceremony, cultural exchange, personal retreats and tours with native community elders. 

This July, my medicine partner Craig G. Berry will be arriving in Florida from Peru- a man that bridges the modern medical world with Australian Aboriginal Healing and Peruvian Shamanism. We will be working together in Florida and possibly the North East. Craig has decades of experience working with everything from terminal illness, infertility, anorgasmia and covering most modern illnesses. The technique we use are effective, quick and safe- where you are completely held and supported from beginning to end. 

In August we open our 2016 Retreat Season in Peru- dates coming soon. You can come for personal retreat and with your own small group. If you have 4 or more people- we customize a retreat through the Sacred Valley of more pristine sacred sites that are lesser known for a personalized ceremony. 

I have begun a weekly Moon Wisdom Circle on Sundays, for women to gather and follow the cycles of the moon as we explore the different archetypes which we cycle with: The Virgin, The Mother, The Elder and The Shaman. 

We also follow the Mayan Tzolk'in and observe ceremony every 13 days, usually a fire ceremony to introduce the new tercena. Andean traditional ceremonies including rebirthing, gratitude, forgiveness, sacred bathing ritual, partnership, love and community rites. 

Aleya Journeys is also launching a store of artisenal hand made goods by the local communities of the Andes and Peru. This ayni relationship helps to support the artisan traditions of healing and beauty through the arts, spread the wisdom weaved in these works and support Aleya Journeys and the communities. The store will be up soon, and look out for your VIP invite to the Launch Gala. 

For now, on this first day of the new Tercena (13 day cycle) I leave you with this passage on the significance of this Day 1 which falls on the 1st of June, 2016. 

"Stand before the mirror of your soul, unclad and unfettered. Bleed out from your psychic body the poisons of fear, uncertainty, weakness and falsehood. Have the courage to look directly into your heart, body and mind, without prejudice and without judgement, but with full acceptance and recognition of that which need work or improvement. Rejoice in that which you have made alreadystrong, and commit to new and future steps toward full and complete healing" -MCP Mayan Tzolk'in, 1 Etznab

Know someone who would be interested in Aleya Journeys? Pass on this newsletter and share the love!

From the center of my heart to your, with so much love, 
Eleonora Aleya Lupyan 

In La'kesh (Mayan for, I am another you, and you, another me)


Upcoming Ceremonies and Circles: 

Moon Wisdom Circles every Sunday at 5 in Palm Beach Gardens,FL  join our group here: Join! 

June 10th and 24th, Dance of the Elements, at Project Mate in Delray Beach, FL

June 25th-26th: Condor Healing Path Immersion Weekend 

Condor Healing Circles every Thursday at 7 at Agape Healing Arts in Jupiter, Fl. Please email me for more info.

Journeys in Peru
Looking ahead: 

Personal and small group retreats are open for booking for the months of September and October. We customize your program according to your needs. Please write to for more info. 

Dates for the general retreats will be coming out in a few weeks. 
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Julian

My sweet little man,

The day before your birthday you walked around proclaiming “Ya ni bolshoy, ya eschto malenki, ochen malenki” – I’m not big, I’m still small, very small. I don’t know why you decided to say this, perhaps because we walk around telling you what a big boy you are and that you will be 2! It melted my heart and I have to tell you, it made me so happy. All I want right now is for you to stay my little boy, perhaps out of the terrible 2’s which you entered into way too early, but just be my little boy. I miss the days when I could cuddle you and you couldn’t tear away, but now the conscious act of giving me your love and affection makes it all the more special and prized.

This year you began to walk and run, speak and yell in 5 languages, learn how to show when you are angry and when you are happy, you learned how much love surrounds you every day and to feel safe in the arms of your family. You amaze me. You’re energy and intelligence is infinite. You’re potential to create and fill this world with your unique talents and energy grows with you each day.

I have failed in recording in writing your each achievement and new movement, it’s way too much to keep up with! Yet each look, each step, each word and gesture is permeated in my mind and my heart. What a difference your birthday celebration was this year in contrast to last. Your first birthday had 120 guests as your grandfather Yan decided to throw a wedding daddy and I never had. You entertained the crowd in your tuxedo and made us proud to introduce you to the extended family. This year we celebrated yours and great-grandma Firochkas birthdays in the backyard of our Mexican home. You wore a red outfit I bought for 3 dollars in a market in Oaxaca. We used technology to its best to share the moments with your daddy and grandparents back home in frigid snowy NYC where we escaped from. These months in Mexico you have opened to the joy that the sunshine and warm climate warms in the soul. Your favorite activities are to water all the plants which you do with such elegance. Dyeda and Babi take you on a daily walk on the Malecon where everyone knows you and where you stroll telling all the vendors-whether they are 5 years old selling Chiclets or 80 years old selling wood crafts, you my dear stick your hand out and declare with conviction: “No Gracias Senora!”. You do not even wait for them to approach us, if you see them first you will go and tell them! The best is when you are riding on Dyedas shoulders and look down and say NO GRACIAS SENOR! It has given us a break from saying the same every other minute. Thank you 
You have begun to sing. I will never forget the moment you first started to sing to me. We were at home, it was in the first week of December before I left to Mexico and I was putting you into the stroller for bed. I start to sing you a song in English and you say: “No Mama, sing Spe Maya Radast. Poy eto, sppeee maya radast usne, domi pagasli ogni, ptechki usnuliu v saduuu” (A Russian lullaby my grandfather used to sing to me). I was in complete awe. I had no idea you memorized the words and you sang it in perfect rhythm! I ran to get Papa for you to repeat.
You spend a lot of time with Dyeda and Babi and they worship the ground you walk on! You are currently quite strongly attached to Dyeda who you ask in secret to give you Snoopikin, tic tacs. I have no idea why you like them, perhaps because they are so tiny or because Dyeda gave them so a cute name. But you know to whisper this to him in front of me and it is your secret thing. They will do anything for you.

You have begun to say the funniest things; endless really is your entertainment factor. You also state what you want or will do. “Ya budo eta. Julian budet kushat marozhinaya. Julian budet plakat. Ya eta NI BUDU.” You find it hilarious to fall purposely on the sand, over and over. You love to play soccer. You adore balloons. You take your shoes off and put on my sandals walking around saying that you are a funny bunny. You laugh, and you laugh hard. You tell people they are funny. You speak to Dyeda in Dutch, sing in French, talk to family in Russian, talk with others in Spanish, and fill in everything else in English. You are a natural interpreter. If you do not know the words to a song, you make it up. You are a pretty great conversationalist, whether on Skype, telephone or in person. You have started to dance  You do not eat much and it is totally beside me how you still have your cheeks. There is no convincing you to try something. Right now your diet consists of milk, nutella sandwiches, ice cream, chicken soup if we are lucky and smoothies I make with a green mix! Haha, I get all those vegetable and fruits in you that way. I cannot believe that I, Miss My Child Must Eat Healthy have come to the point of celebrating when you will at least eat ice cream. But you are a big man, in the 95th percentile for height, and were in weight before Mexico. Watching you grow is amazing.

And now, a bit about my life as a mommy in your second year of life outside of me. Motherhood is a journey of doubt, insecurity and guilt. Of the feeling you are always not doing enough but doing too much. It is filled with moments of the deepest pride and happiness. You are the glowing light in my heart and my eyes. It is impossible to not smile when looking at you and it is a marathon of patience and living in the moment. The concept of “this too shall pass” is one that needs to be repeated over and over. When you are cranky and in pain from teething and there is nothing I can do, it’s one of the worst feelings a person can feel. The act of balancing my personal life, problems, dreams, endeavors and giving you everything I want to give you of me is a struggle, one that is making me stronger by the day. The concept of adulthood, childhood and all in between has blurred. I am soon to be 24 and you are 2, I often forget my numerical age.

I want you to grow with a strong sense of self grounded in the shelter of knowing you have all the love and support one person can have. I want to give you the freedom to explore your world and what you can contribute to it. I wish for you to follow your own interests, to live your talents, to breathe with confidence and to dance in joy. I want you to see strong relationships around you, for you to know that you must first be able to connect to yourself in order to fully connect to others. I want you to see that a family can take on many different forms and colors. A family is the unit, group of people you know you can count on, who will always be on your side and to whom you can show all your colors to without judgment. Today my son, I promise you that I will be your guide and your friend, always by your side. I will not judge you or stifle you. I will give you the freedom to explore your world so you can share with me the insights you have gained in the process. I promise to you, Julian, that I will not always be right, and I will be open to hear you when you say- hey mom, you are wrong and this is what I need from you. I promise to support you and to give you the extra push when you need it and give you space to flourish. And most of all, I promise to you that my love, my care and energy is infinitely and unconditionally yours.

Happy 2nd Birthday my special, little boy.

Yours Forever,

Friday, August 20, 2010

We are still here!

Oh Blog, you elude me.

Mommyhood, you are difficult for time management, you challenge me and my wishes to record the memories, the moments.

JourneyDance is blooming. Julian is growing at time warp waysspeed

Our first sentences from the last month:

"Mama, adeyala upala, dai pleeeezzeee". Translations: Mama the blanket fell, give it pllleeaassee.

"Mama, NAM NAM"!: Julian barks his order at me demanding food aka Nam Nam. I tell him Julian, how do you ask nicely? "Mama, nam nam plleeeezzee".

People everywhere: "Oh you are so cute. Such a big boy" Julian nods and says "Ya."

Anything that doesn't belong, like a teensy lint thing on his food he takes and goes to me with his little ginger saying Na Na (Here, here) with the most disgusted scrunched up face!

Somehow Sashas hair got on Julians lip and he is picking it off and says Mama, valos, valos (hair) I didnt even know he knew the singular for a hair strand!

Friday, February 26, 2010


He loved being in the front of the carrier and his head was in perfect place for constant smooching!
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

To My Husband

I am going to try to keep the mushiness at a minimum. I knew within the first week spending those special first days together that you would be the father of my children. I just knew, plain and simple. The first week with Julian at home, we were sitting on the coach, the three of us and I looked at you with a look that Julian gives me now. Pure love and admiration. That day my love for you climbed to another level.
It has been a difficult year and I am a not a simple or easy person. And as cheesy as it sounds, with all the ups and downs there are, there is no one else in the world who I'd rather go through these ups and downs with.

Thank you for making such an amazing little person with me.